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How to create synergy within teams

Synergy within the workplace starts with building teams who work together seamlessly. Not all projects will run smoothly, but it's important for each team member to be comfortable to share ideas and manage conflict effectively when it arises.

Creating synergy is not something that happens over night - it takes time and effort. For beginners, it's important to begin working on team bonding. Getting people to know each other outside of work elements is crucial to feeling comfortable with one another. Something as small as having a team go bowling on a Friday afternoon, or do an in house event to celebrate a fun holiday can create a new vibe within the team. After starting small, the company can turn to more in-depth training like the Clifton Strength Finders, or the DiSC assessment.

Using these learning programs, the team will learn the strengths and weaknesses of each member and how to approach unique situations they may encounter while working together. Having the team talk through what they like and dislike builds confidence, therefore the next time they have a brainstorming session it may be more productive.

Ultimately, you want your teams to work together, comfortably. By engaging in strength finders techniques and team bonding you can accomplish just that.

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